It’s time to make it shine!

Culebrita lighthouse restoration project

Help us transform the Lighthouse into a visitor and research center with educational and recreational opportunities that celebrate local history and advance nature conservation.

Download a fact sheet about the Culebrita Lighthouse and initial aspects of its restoration.

A place to
celebrate history
and nature

Citizen Science

A research center focusing on marine and coastal ecosystems, where Culebra residents and volunteer visitors will work hand in hand with scientists.

Nature and historic interpretation

Guided tour programming complemented with self-guided interpretative signage and exhibitions.

Hiking and landscape appreciation

Clearly marked hiking trails around the lighthouse will allow for the appreciation of the impressive views and unique nature of Culebrita.

Recreational opportunities

Facilities for eco-camping and other nature immersion activities that will support the cultural, tourist and economic development in Culebra.

Community engagement

The community will be at the core of all activities and programming, with facilities that will include reception spaces, exhibition areas and a multiuse hall for community use.

Learning opportunities for all

Our years of experience designing programming that incorporates our communities and their visitors will guide our activities at Culebrita, including educational offerings such as summer camps and volunteer events.

Download the master plan of the Culebrita Lighthouse restoration project.

It's time to
make it shine!

Because this is a world-class, multimillion-dollar project spanning several years, every donation is very important to us.

You can contribute with in-kind gifts such as construction materials, personnel or pro bono services. There are many ways to support our work! Ask us how!

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